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Key Visual, Complete Vision Care in Amherst, NY

Contact Lenses in Amherst, New York

Contact Lenses, Contact Lenses in Amherst, NY

At Eye to Eye Optical Inc. in Amherst, New York, we offer the latest technology in contact lenses. If you've always wanted to try contacts or have had problems in the past, let us help you look at the Latest Innovations to see if these new solutions may work for you.

You can select from our large inventory which include Thousands of new contact lenses, and we offer the 30 nights continuous wear soft disposable contacts, which is considered the new,
Non-Invasive Alternative To Lasik® Surgery.

Our Inventory Includes:

• Daily Use Contacts
• 2 Week Replacement Lenses
• 1, 2, 3, & 6 Month Lenses
• 1 Year & Planned Replacements
• Color Soft Lenses

Soft Lenses for Dry Eyes
Ultra-Violet Computer Filtering
High-Oxygen Supply Disposable
   Soft Contacts

Our Special Package Includes Soft Contact Lenses For:

Occupational Specialty Custom  
    Designed Contacts
High-Oxygen Breathable Contacts
High-Water Content for Dry Eyes
Ultra-Violet Protection
Continuous Overnight Wear Lenses
Mono-Vision - Corrects One Eye For
    Distance, One Eye for Reading
 Emergency-Special Occasion Fittings

      Spherical Powers Plano to -16.00
   Astigmatism Cylinder Powers 
      -0.75 to -2.75
      Spherical Powers Plano to -9.00, 
       Axis 10° to 180°
• Bifocal (Aspheric Progressive Design 
       corrects vision at all distances near and 

No matter what your vision needs are we can create the perfect package so you can
-See Clearly Without Any Discomfort From Your Contacts.

We care about you, your vision, and your comfort !
Our Services & Products include:
Eye Exams Daily
Tinted Soft And Hard Contact Lenses
Color Soft Lenses
(Change your eye color from brown to blue)
Hard Contacts (Distance, Mono-Vision, and Bifocal)
Gas Permeable (Distance, Mono-Vision, and Multi-focal)

One-Hour Service on Contact Lens Fittings and Replacements !

FREE Contact Lens Consultation - We Service The "Hard-To-Fit " Patients.

Contact Lenses Include:

• Soft

Distance Correction:

One of the most common focusing problems is Myopia (Near-Sightedness). 
This results when the eyeball is too long.  Light will focus in front of the retina
causing blurry  vision for distance.  A person with slight near-sightedness
could have a perscription of -0.50 to -1.00 which they would wear for  driving
purposes.  A mild to moderate prescription would fall in the range of -2.00 to -3.00
which usually would be worn full time.  When the prescription is from -4.00 to -6.00
the near-signtedness  is to the extent that this individual can not function without 
his/her eyeglasses or contact lenses.  We stock prescriptions from Plano to -16.00.

Astigmatism Design:

When the eyeball is oblong in shape, the light entering the eye is Fragmented.  This light will focus in two or more planes (Meridians).  This generally causes blurry vision,
eyestrain and headaches.

Our New prescription range has been added to include Cylinder powers from -0.75,
-1.25, -1.75, -2.25, -2.75 and All axis from 10° to °180 in stock. Our Spherical powers extended range now Plano to -9.00.

All astigmatism patients will go home with their New Prescription in One-Hour !

Aspheric Design:

The Contact Lens Curve changes to naturally match the shape of the eye. These lenses are more comfortable and can be worn longer hours.

Patients will notice they have better peripheral vision at night and the lens stability is unmatched.

Aspheric Design Lenses bring light to a single focal point which results in higher image resolution and increased depth perception.

Now with the added convenience of going home with your New Contacts in One-Hour !

Bifocal Aspheric Design:

Progressive Soft Lenses that correct your vision at all distances...near, far-sightedness and mid-range (intermediate). Now for the first time there is a soft contact lens that is versatile enough to be used for driving, computer and reading distances all in one lens design!

This New Soft Lens is also in stock in a complete prescription range and you Now have the added convenience of going home with your New Contacts in One-Hour !

Bifocal Astigmatism Progressive Soft Lens Design:

This lens will solve vision problems for...near, far-sightedness, mid-range and astigmatism all at the same time. Now it doesn't matter what visual problem you have or how complex it is, we have a lens to meet all your Seeing Needs.


This results when the eyeball is too long. Light will focus in
front of the retina causing blurry vision for distance.





This results when the eyeball is too short. Light will focus
behind the retina causing blurry vision usually at near distances.




(Uneven Curvature of the Cornea)

It is a condition involving the clear layer (Cornea)
covering the front of the eye which is irregular in shape
(egg-shaped). When the eyeball is oblong in shape, the
light entering the eye is fragmented. This light will focus in
two or more planes (Meridians). This generally causes
blurry vision, eyestrain and headaches.




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