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New Products For 2016

FYSH® Eyewear Frames (UK)

KLiiK® Eyewear Frames (Denmark)

EVATiK® Eyewear Frames  (UK)

Line Art Eyewear by Charmant® (Frameless Titanium Line)

Tuscany® Eyewear Frameless (Stainless Steel with Lazer-Cut Temples)

New Designer Eyewear:

KLiik and FYSH Eyewear are a fashion forward edgy collection of Women’s and Men’s designer frames. A great way to see yourself in a new look with the latest styles and in
vibrant colors.

Line Art Eyewear is a frameless Woman's eyeglass collection that looks and feels like you are wearing fine art; very fashionable. 
EVATiK Eyewear is the best Men's designer collection that I've ever seen. A must see for that special look, and very sharp for that successful man.
Tuscany Eyewear is our brand new Frameless eyeglass collection. This is probably one of the nicest on edge designers that I have seen in recent years. The new Lazer-Cut Temple  design come in 9 colors and you also have the ability to customize and create your own lens shape. Or you can choose from our selected shapes on display. As always they come with a full 2-year replacement warranty.
You’ll find a variety of frames from all the top designers. Giorgio Armani Occhiali released a complete New line of frames. This collection also includes Emporio Armani.

Vivid and Legre Eyewear are a trendy plastic and wire collection that we are excited to stock their latest releases. Click on our special offers for new customers. 

New Magnetic Eyewear Collection:
We now carry a complete line of Magnetic Frames in our inventory. You can simply place these Polarized Magnetic Sunglasses directly on your New frames and remove the sunglass just as easily.
Aspex Eyewear also supplies these frames in a Memory Metal (twistable bridge and bendable temple construction made of Trilaston) and we now have them in stock!

Contact Lenses: NEW 2016

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® contact lenses with MoistureSeal® technology

You routinely upgrade your digital devices, but there may be one upgrade you most likely haven’t gotten your hands on yet. Treat your eyes to exceptional comfort with new Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® contact lenses. Complete with MoistureSeal® Technology, this innovative lens maintains 95% of its moisture for a full 16 hours to provide excellent comfort all day long.

New PureVision 2 High Definition Silicone Lenses

Now also available for Astigmatism by Bausch & Lomb in HD.


See Your World In High Definition Optics With PureVision 2 HD Contact Lenses!

Have you ever slept with your contacts and found it difficult to focus when you wake up? Some People Will Take The Risk And Have Surgery not always knowing what the final results will be. Although you might have heard stories about people that were not satisfied with their outcome, now there is a Non-Invasive Alternative To Lasik® Surgery.

Now you can choose what is right for you. Wouldn't it be nice if you no longer had to be concerned and could Wear Your Contact Lenses Safely for as many continuous nights up to 30 that you would like?

The New Technology in Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses offers Oxygen Transmissibility for extended wear patients now to wear their contacts with no compromise to their cornea.

Let us answer your questions and we will help you see why a better breathing lens might now be your first choice. Ask about a Rebate on your next purchase.

SynergEyes Hybrid Contact Lens:

Remember when you only had two choices for Contact Lenses. Either 'Hard' (Rigid Gas Permeable) which gave you crisp, clear vision, but often not comfortable. And 'Soft' lenses which were more comfortable, but sometimes were less than optimal in vision.

Now SynergEyes has a 'Breathable' rigid center which keeps you eyes healthy while providing crisp, clear vision...even at night. The outer skirt gives you great comfort all day just like soft lenses.

This New lens is free from 'Toric Lens Rotation' that sometimes can occur with Soft Toric Lenses and may cause inconsistent vision. SynergEyes optics remain stable, which delivers clear consistent vision all day long.

SynergEyes Hybrid Contacts are a perfect choice for Myopia (near-sightedness), Hyperopia (far-sightedness), Astigmatic (astigmatism) and Presbyopic (multi-focal wearer with the commonly used name called Progressive no-line bifocals).

SynergEyes also has an advanced solution if you have Keratoconus. This Custom-Made SynergEyes KC lens offers great stability while delivering a high level of comfort and visual acuity.

New Soft Contact Lens Designs:

Now For The First Time All Patients can go home with their New Prescription In One-Hour! Our contact lens Inventory has been expanded number in the Thousands.

This selection includes CONTACTS for Distance Vision, Mono-Vision, Astigmatism and Bifocal Progressive Lenses. We now stock contacts made by Cooper Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Johnson & Johnson and many more to name a few.
All Contact Lens Fittings Delivered In One-Hour With Your New Perscription !

Our New Selection includes:

• Soft

Distance Correction:

One of the most common focusing problems is Myopia (Near-Sightedness). 
This results when the eyeball is too long.  Light will focus in front of the retina
causing blurry  vision for distance.  A person with slight near-sightedness
could have a perscription of -0.50 to -1.00 which they would wear for  driving
purposes.  A mild to moderate prescription would fall in the range of -2.00 to -3.00
which usually would be worn full time.  When the prescription is from -4.00 to -6.00
the near-signtedness  is to the extent that this individual can not function without 
his/her eyeglasses or contact lenses.  We stock prescriptions from Plano to -16.00.

Astigmatism Design:

When the eyeball is oblong in shape, the light entering the eye is Fragmented.  This light will focus in two or more planes (Meridians).  This generally causes blurry vision,
eyestrain and headaches.

Our New prescription range has been added to include Cylinder powers from -0.75,
-1.25, -1.75, -2.25, -2.75 and All axis from 10° to °180 in stock. Our Spherical powers extended range now Plano to -9.00.

All astigmatism patients will going home with your New Prescription in One-Hour !

Aspheric Design:

The Contact Lens Curve changes to naturally match the shape of the eye. These lenses are more comfortable and can be worn longer hours.

Patients will notice they have better peripheral vision at night and the lens stability is unmatched.

Aspheric Design Lenses bring light to a single focal point which results in higher image resolution and increased depth perception.

Now with the added convenience of going home with your New Contacts in One-Hour !

Bifocal Aspheric Design:

Progressive Soft Lenses that correct your vision at all distances...near, far-sightedness and mid-range (intermediate). Now for the first time there is a soft contact lens that is versatile enough to be used for driving, computer and reading distances all in one lens design!

This New Soft Lens is also in stock in a complete prescription range and you Now have the added convenience of going home with your New Contacts in One-Hour !

Bifocal Astigmatism Progressive Soft Lens Design:

This lens will solve vision problems for...near, far-sightedness, mid-range and astigmatism all at the same time. Now it doesn't matter what visual problem you have or how complex it is, we have a lens to meet all your Seeing Needs.


New 2016 Update On Protecting Your Eyes From Ultraviolet Radiation

The New Law Goes Into Effect That All 40 & 60 Watt Incandescent Light Bulbs Will No Longer Be Sold After December 2013.
The Question Many Patients Are Asking Is How Do I Protect My Vision From Harmful Ultraviolet Radiation? (UV Rays Can Come In Many Sources)  How Will The Increase In The Purchasing Of These Flourescent Bulbs and Their Daily Usage Affect My Family. Lets Looks At What They Are Made Of.


Current Fluorescent Bulbs Have Liquid Mercury Inside Them and When The Light Is Turned On, Some Of It Changes Into A Gas Vapor. Invisible UV Light Is Given Off and Is Similar To The Daylight and Sun We See On A Daily Basis. This Is Why We Protect Our Eyes And Skin From UV Exposure and It Is a Concern.

It Is Important To Filter Out The Harmful UV Rays By Selecting The Correct Type Of Eyeglass Protection. The Optician Will Recommend The Eyewear Solutions and Optical Eye Services For Your Particular Needs. Certain Contact Lens Designs Are Available That Will Filter Out The UV and Reduce This Risk To Protect Your Vision.
Some Patients Will Search The Internet Under Headings Such As:

 1.) Eye Exams and Blocking Harmful UV Radiation in Buffalo NY
 2.) Optometrist and The Recommended Lenses For Protecting Vision in Buffalo NY
 3.) Optical Services Available For 100% UV Protection in Buffalo NY
 4.) Optician and Sunglass Filtering Lenses For UV Rays in Buffalo NY
 5.) Eyeglasses That Give You The Best Choice Lenses For Ultraviolet in Buffalo NY
 6.) Eyewear Selection Against Fluorescent Overhead Lighting in Buffalo NY
 7.) Eye Doctors Who Offer Special UV Protective Lens Materials in Buffalo NY
 8.) Contact Lenses and Eye Exposure To Harmful Ultraviolet Rays In Buffalo NY

The First Step In Answering This Question Is knowing The Primary Sources Of Ultraviolet Radiation That Can Be Harmful.

Examples... Sunlight, Cloudy Overcast Skies, Computer Centers, Hand Held Devices, Fluorescent Fixtures, and Bulbs. Additionally When You Are Taking Certain Photosensitizing Medications That Can Make You More Susceptible To These Types Of  UV Rays, You Need To Be Evaluated.  All Of These Can Cause Additional Redness and Irritation With The Eye, Depending On The Extent Of Your Exposure. More Contact Lens Wearers Today Have These Complaints. At Eye To Eye Optical We Understand Your Concerns and Are Here To Help You.
Their Are Different Types Of Eyeglass Lens Materials, Properties, Coatings and Treatments That Can Be Selected To Give Your The Best Protection Against The Harmful UV Radiation.

People Use Skin Protection To Help Protect Themselves From Ultraviolet Exposure, But We Forget That Our Eyes Are Constantly Exposed To Some Type Of UV Rays Depending On Our Daily Routines. The Potential To Develop Harmful Eye Conditions Are More Common Today Than It Was Just Five Years Ago. Such Conditions as Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Others Have Been Indicated In Long-Term Direct Exposure To Ultraviolet From Sunlight and Other Sources.

We Have Different Choices To Protect Our Eyes Such as :

1.) Transitions (Changable) Eyeglass Lenses That Are UV Activated.
2.) Polycarbonate Materials In The Specific Type Of Eyewear We Select.
3.) Trivex Optical Lenses That Give Us Better Visual Optics.
4.) Anit-Reflection Coatings That Increase Your Visual Perception and Highten Your Vision Acuity.
5.) High Index Lenses That Are Recommended With Your New Eye Exam Perscription. 

Protecting Your Eyes With These Choices, Will Give Your New Designer Fashion Look The 100% UV Protection That Is Required. To Block The Harmful Rays That Affect Your Eye Health Should Be Discussed In Detail. 

These UV Filtering Options Are Also Available To Contact Lens Wearers and Special Contact Materials.

Please Call Us At Eye To Eye Optical and I Will Explain How We Can Help You.

Franklin Senia Owner and Thank You For The Opportunity To Service You In Buffalo NY.



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